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Jonathan Nicholls B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Ch.S., Dip.Podiatric Medicine

& Associates H.P.C Registered Chiropodists & Podiatrists

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Biomechanics is the study of how your muscles, tendons and bones synchronise with each other to keep you mobile.  Walking, running, cycling, and all the other tasks we carry out daily ,  are often taken for granted , but all rely on your feet working normally and efficiently.


Your foot is one of the most complex structures in the body and   is designed to act as a cushion for the body. The foot can withstand large amounts of impact stress and is required to rotate in numerous ways.


Problems can occur when an area of the foot is not functioning ‘normally’.  The rest of the lower limb has to compensate by increasing or decreasing the movements in the joints through stretching the tendons, twisting or altering foot posture.  This over compensation can cause you to have discomfort in your back, lower limbs, knees and hips.


If you are suffering from any discomfort your podiatrist may suggest a biomechanical assessment to ascertain which parts of your lower limbs or feet are causing the problem.  Once the problem is identified it can often be remedied very successfully with the use of custom made orthotics.

What to expect in a biomechanical assessment

(sometimes called gait analysis)

For your biomechanical assessment you will be asked to bring a T.shirt, a pair of shorts and your usual walking shoes or trainers.


  • You will be shown into a private room so that you can get changed into your shorts and t-shirt.

  • Once you are comfortably seated in our Biomech Surgery our podiatrist will begin by asking you some lifestyle questions.

  • Our podiatrist will then take some anatomical measurements.

  • You will be asked to do a small amount of walking on our Treadmill.

  • You will be asked some further questions and you will discuss with our podiatrist his findings and the best way to proceed with your diagnosis.


If it is decided that you could benefit from having orthotics in your footwear the various options will then be fully explained to you and you will be free to decide which option you would prefer to take.


Allow an hour for this assessment

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You may have been suffering from lower limb or back pain and been to see the podiatrist for a biomechanical assessment.  Depending upon the outcome of this assessment your podiatrist may have suggested that you could benefit from using orthotics in your everyday footwear.


Orthotics are shoe inserts  that are used to modify your foot function in order to treat, adjust and support various biomechanical foot and lower limb disorders.


Using leading technology and our 3D scanner we are able to create highly accurate digital 3D models of the foot surface.  From this accurate information we can create a prescription to your individual requirements.


This prescription is then forwarded to the laboratory who will design and make your new orthotic device exactly to your personal prescription.


We offer a large range of finishes for our orthotics depending upon your own personal preference and the type of footwear they will be used with.  These custom made orthotics are aimed at improving foot function to alleviate your condition, increase comfort and optimize performance in sports and everyday activities.


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